About ADR Of Counsel

About Us

ADR Of Counsel (ADROC) was formed to cut through the noise to provide one source for litigators to find the most qualified and effective actively-practicing lawyers to provide truly knowledgeable insight in mediation of any particular litigated case subject.

Our Mission

The mission of ADR Of Counsel is to provide a single place for litigators to go to find the most highly skilled, most motivated, and accomplished lawyer/mediators to assist as neutrals to help resolve cases in litigation.

Our Name

“ADR” is Alternative Dispute Resolution. Mediation is a form of ADR using a process of a “neutral” mediator to help parties resolve lawsuits through negotiation.

“Of Counsel” is a legal term of art. It connotes a typically elder lawyer giving wise counsel or advice. It is often a more senior or experienced lawyer who has experience, knowledge, cool temperament, and wisdom to share.

The acronym for the firm is “ADROC” which signals both rock-like strength and the Latin phrase ‘ad hoc’ meaning a solution for a specific purpose – here resolution of disputes.

Our guiding philosophy is expressed in our trademarked company slogan, “Active Litigators Mediating”.